TaskVizor is a platform for controlling company business processes with ‘field’ employees.

Task - set your tasks and goals.

Vizor - control their performance and your employee locations.

TaskVizor consists of two elements:

1. Setting of tasks, controls, analytics.

Access your account from any web-browser.

2. Receipt and performance of tasks

Install on your ‘field’ staff’s smart phones.

TaskVizor has 4 main blocks for dispatchers and managers:
-  1. Task planning
  • You can assign tasks for different scenarios: 
    Repeat templates, supplement current work, react to customer requests.
  • Indicate the executor in the task settings 
    (specific, nearby, free);
  • Indicate the priority tasks.
  • Attach text and graphic documents, links to the task 
    – the executor will be prepared and avoid confusion.
  • Assign tasks of any type 
    – we added a large selection of ready fields, as well as the ability to create custom fields. The planned tasks are displayed with a progress status.
-  2. Monitoring

In this block you can track:

  1. Staff locations 
    (where they are headed, how long, what they are working on)
  2. Status of topical tasks

Look through the employee’s indicators - completed tasks, how long they are working for, their phone battery charge and so on. Discuss questions in private chats.

-  3. Reports

Reports are generated automatically 
by all employees/crews, tasks assigned, serviced locations.

Analyze results in a convenient format 
in a spreadsheet, graph or map.

TaskVizor shows detailed information on all of the tasks and location of each employee.

Compare work speeds, track locations and arrival time Register dynamics and peak tasks Identify violations

Set up report templates to fit your business-processes 
and receive specific information necessary for your company's business.



-  4. Task template generator

Create tasks using our simple and comfortable task template generator.

No need to be a programmer for this. We have foreseen a few dozen main processes in the work of ‘field’ personnel and added them to the templates. These are checklists, photographic proof, document attachment, digital signatures, links, audio files and many more functions that may be required by a business.

Select the necessary fields and save your template with a single click of your mouse!

A total of 14 formats + the ability to add your own necessary parameters.

Sign on your smartphone screen
QR & Bar codes
Scan codes to learn more
Number values
Use integers or decimals
Multi-level forms
Tasks with sub-tasks? No problem! Use the ‘form’ element within a ‘form’!
Convenient formats for using lists
Attached files
You can upload your own files, documentation etc. onto the app.
Register events by time.
Reference information
Attach necessary information directly form the Client’s business card
Ability to record and transfer audio files
Add the date
Record and transfer video files
Create check-lists and mark what is necessary
Add project descriptions and comment on tasks
Photographic evidence of task completion, with the ability to edit images. Geographical coordinates, the date and time are attached to the image.
TaskVizor for executors allows for more efficient work

The employee (or crew) learns about the assigned tasks immediately via TaskVizor mobile app notification 

The ‘field’ employee: 

  • Sees the complete information on the object, dispatcher comments and the necessary files
  • Follows the optimal route built by the program
  • Notes the start, stages, and completion of the task
  • Sets the task on pause if necessary
  • Registers the quality of the complete work via photo/video
  • Receives the client’s digital signature
Calls to Clients
Straight from the TaskVizor application
Photo editor
Marks important details on the object’s photo.
Indicates what the specialist worked on and for how long
For cars, public transport, pedestrians
New tasks and unread messages.

We have helped hundreds of clients increase the productivity of their staff by an average of 24% and save at least 30% of their finances and time each month

How is TaskVizor different to GPS-surveillance systems and mobile versions of popular CRMs?

The fact that it includes the functions of GPS navigations, ‘office’ CRM solutions, accounting systems and paperless document turnover all in one place. It’s a powerful automation tool for ‘field’ employees. To help your business, TaskVizor can replace a number of programs you use at once, as well as increase the efficiency of analysts, dispatchers, and ‘field’ employees.

Your software has a lot of options and abilities, but I have never used them before. Do I even need them?

Yes, perhaps, you’ve never assigned tasks to employees nearest to the location, did not attach KPI to salaries, did not optimize routes, did not require digital signatures, or used other efficient functions. But this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t improve.

TaskVizor makes your work easier, and the ‘field’ employees will complete their tasks faster. At first it may seem as though the number of your employees has increased. But the truth is that they simply began to work more efficiently.

The software is complicated. I am afraid I won’t get to know all its functions and benefits during the trial period. And it will be awkward to cancel my membership after.

If you’ve managed to get a hang of the basic office programs, a web browser, and a smartphone, TaskVizor will be a piece of cake. It is a specialized, simple and convenient product.

We will grant you access to TaskVizor, set it up, and explain each function to you. You will learn how to assign tasks, evaluate work efficiency, and analyze statistics before your trial period ends!

We have developed a detailed manual for you. Our tech-support service will answer all your questions and solve any issues.

You can easily cancel your membership after the trial period without any penalties or charges. But 9 out of 10 companies stay with TaskVizor after the trial. They love it!